We provide strategy services and ventures for the global face-to-face industry

Our Approach

  • A real passion for your industry
  • An international team
  • Clarity and practical recommendations


[SPACE] provides strategy services and ventures for the global face-to-face industry. We focus on this fast growing, highly fragmented and exciting sector and the burgeoning digital opportunities that are linked to face-to-face. [SPACE] was launched to service the increasing need for bespoke strategy, M&A support, research and data – and specifically to support the development of digital revenues and solutions in this sector. 

Founders: Charles Ross and Christoph Schedl

The company was set up in 2013 by the founders Charles Ross and Christoph Schedl who both have extensive experience in strategy consulting and management of media organisations; together they have handled dozens of strategy projects in the event industry. [SPACE] is owned by Christoph Schedl (Managing Partner) and employs a team of specialist consultants with strong background in strategy, research and analytics.

The global face-to-face industry comprises all types of business and consumer events - from large-scale trade and consumer shows to conferences and more focused summits. Despite strong growth and M&A activity, the global market leaders still account for less than 15% market share, which makes this industry set to continue its rapid pace of consolidation. 

Growth has been particularly strong in emerging markets and in niches like eco and new technologies but many established and mature players struggle to turn their events portfolios into high-growth businesses. Furthermore, the face-to-face industry has remained relatively unscathed by digital disruption, but equally cautious about digital products that could leverage the reach and success of face-to-face events. We strongly believe that digital is a major opportunity for the face-to-face industry and recommend players to develop this area.

We regularly support the face-to-face industry with growth projects around the following topics:

  • Expansion into new geographies via launches, partnerships or acquisitions
  • Geo-cloning established show concepts in emerging markets
  • Expansion into new industry verticals via launches or partnerships
  • Development of new digital products, e.g. B2B online communities, sourcing platforms