Strategy consulting for the global face-to-face industry based on rigour and deep industry insight

Our Approach

  • Highly tailored and bespoke approach 
  • Rigor to cut through the mass of information, delivering clear insight
  • Right methodology and mix of approaches to fulfill your brief
  • Working closely with your management teams


[SPACE] is a leading strategy provider for the global face-to-face industry. We have been founded as a spin-off from the Ocean Strategy Group but remain integral, ensuring access to a blue chip talent pool for projects overlapping with the wider media industry.

We have run many strategy projects for both global and local players, covering emerging and mature markets, and have identified growth opportunities in more than 20 industry verticals - from Building & Construction and Environment & Urban Management to Food & Hospitality, Fashion & Jewellery, Travel, Sports. We build on our reputation for accuracy, rigour and insight and our track record of success.

Our strategy projects typically fall into one of the following categories:


International expansion is a key growth strategy for established players, often in the form of taking successful event formats into emerging markets; or by building on a market leading position within an industry vertical and seeking global coverage.

We work with global and regional market leaders and regularly deal with complex multi-territory portfolios. Our projects in this area typically build on detailed market sizing and gaining insight into the underlying industry. Recent projects have covered China, South East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Our international expansion projects regularly focus on a specific territory of interest - mostly an emerging market - and we are tasked with finding the optimal route into the market: launch, acquisition of individual events or entire portfolios or joint ventures with local players. Alternatively, international expansion projects focus on a specific existing asset - often a large trade show - and we are tasked with finding the best strategy for international cloning.

If you are a major organiser or investor and would like to discuss international or market entry strategies please contact us.

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Most established face-to-face players now have a broad portfolio of events, ranging from mature to emerging markets and from developed to new industries. A periodic portfolio evaluation is a key business need: Where should resources be invested, which parts of the portfolio need to be divested, how should the portfolio be organised?

We can help you optimise the value of your current and future portfolio and instill clarity in your portfolio management. We regularly deal with a high number of shows, verticals and geographies, and assess complex and wide ranging global and regional portfolios as part of our reviews. 

Example briefs include:

  • Portfolio 2015 - what does our optimal portfolio look like, ways to get there?
  • Vertical prioritisation - which industry verticals offer highest growth potential?
  • Portfolio diversification - how to best balance our global portfolio?

If you are considering a portfolio review, discuss your options and brief with us.

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Effective launch strategies need to plug wider market gaps or capitalise on existing brands. The entrepreneurial skill implicit in identifying new show opportunities can often be lost in corporate environments. We can provide the initial insight and develop, test and help implement launches.

Example briefs include:

  • Geo-cloning - can our successful show be cloned in emerging markets? 
  • Spin-off - what is the size of spin-off launch opportunities?
  • Emerging markets - how should we prioritise our opportunities?
  • New industry trends - does this emerging trend create a new business opportunity?

If you wish to investigate launches or spin-offs, please get in touch.

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Event-level strategy is the front-line of the face-to-face industry, where strong growth strategies can be developed, tested and refined. We have worked on many events ranging from the world’s leading exhibitions and conferences to start-ups and initial market tests.

Projects vary widely, and our approach to developing the right growth strategy for a show is bespoke, however projects tend to fall into one of the following areas: Revenue Growth Strategies, Optimisation of Pricing and Sales Strategy.

Revenue Optimisation Strategies

We have worked on revenue optimisation strategies for leading players ranging from established market leaders to newly launched shows, spin-offs and clones in new markets or adjacencies. We typically not only focus on revenue opportunities but also on margin improvements. Best practice margins range from 45-65% and many shows can be improved in terms of monetisation.

Typical projects include:

  • Exhibitor targeting - how can we target the right exhibitor groups, optimising overall revenue?
  • Visitor and delegate targeting - can we market our offering to new target groups, potentially with a new content offering?
  • Wall-bound exhibitions - can we find a spin-off or niche opportunity to achieve further growth?

We have worked in most markets world-wide, and have a record of success in this area. If you need help with a specific show strategy, please get in touch.

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Face-to-face players, especially trade shows organisers, tend to have long-established pricing models. We believe significant opportunities exist to optimise pricing. As such, we are strong promoters of variable pricing - e.g. location based - and dynamic pricing - e.g. based on booking time.

Typical pricing projects include:

  • Packages - how can we best package and bundle sales with add-on services?
  • Location-based pricing - how can we optimise revenue by location-based price discrimination? 
  • Dynamic pricing - can we vary pricing based on booking time or demand?

Please contact us if you feel you have potential value to unlock in this area.

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Sales strategy, approach and organisational structure are critical elements for any successful face-to-face player. We have helped define sales strategies and taken these all the way through to implementation for major players (>1,000 FTE’s and 100,000 customers).

Typical questions in this area include:

  • Sales proposition - what is our value proposition and target audience?
  • Route to market - what is our optimal sales and marketing strategy?
  • Sales approach - how shall we best sell our event: via telesales vs. face-to-face, in-house vs. outsourced, key accounts?
  • Sales organisation structure - how to best organise our sales teams: roles, rewards/incentives?

If you have a brief around sales please get in touch.

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