Digital growth opportunities need to be actively pursued by the face-to-face industry

Our Approach

  • Focused on leveraging your strengths and further developing your communities
  • Concrete and actionable options to monetise your assets
  • Results-driven and pragmatic

Digital Revenues and Solutions

We strongly believe that the global face-to-face industry has huge potential to leverage its business- and consumer-facing platforms to build significant digital revenue streams. The scale of this opportunity is now emerging and we aim to support our clients and partners in identifying their options in this early phase. 

With many projects completed advising the world’s leading B2B players on their online product development opportunities, we have strong experience in this area. We have also worked on several investor-lead digital market place start-ups - defining the products, platform, technology and route to market. 

Example projects in digital development include:

  • Digital market place - can we build a digital market place and link it to our trade show? What would be the impact on the existing value chain, show revenue and profit?
  • Digital content - can we bolt on 365-content platform to our profitable show portfolio? What revenue and profit impact can we achieve?
  • Data - is there an opportunity for a data-based business in this vertical? 

We are keen on supporting your digital ventures with strategic advice and also open to share risk in investigating online start-up opportunities. We have previously employed a model of speculative consulting and shared risk models - offering consulting for a share of the opportunity. Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about our digital services.

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The face-to-face hybrid leverages the basic show model and enhances its performance, aiming to achieve additional revenue from the use of digital and technological innovation.

Examples include:

  • Live streaming
  • Digital technology 
  • Data 

Our projects for organisers and investors ensure enhanced user experience and maximum monetisation from assets via leading-edge digital solutions. Please contact us if you seek to ensure optimal revenue via digital.

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The opportunity to leverage the brand-audience relationship implicit in successful face-to-face events is strong.

Opportunities in this model are stand-alone revenue streams in their own right, but obviously synergies are strong between digital and the event. Examples constantly evolve and emerge, but include: communities, content, directories, e-commerce and market places, software and workflow tools.

Projects in this area often involve developing and prioritising opportunities or in later stages testing hypotheses and developing and implementing digital products.

We have strong expertise to bring to this area. Please get in touch if you want to discuss your digital opportunities.

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